During the early 1800’s, stagecoaches carrying weary travelers in need of rest often stopped at the Travelers Rest Inn located in Spotsylvania County’s community of Snell.

In the late 1800’s, elders in the Snell community felt the need for a church in which to worship their Lord. Unable to construct a building, they built a brush arbor at the site of the Travelers Rest Inn.

In 1901, the church was organized and aptly named Travelers Rest Baptist Church, having been the spot where weary travelers came to rest.

God has led seven pastors to serve Him among the people of Travelers Rest. They are Rev. Joseph Billingsley (August 1901 – January 1912), Rev. George Donahoe (January 1912 – September 1918), Rev. Charles Saunders (1919 – August 1939), Rev. Frank Soden (September 1943 – July 1949), Rev. James Duncan (July 1952 – September 1954), Dr. Clyde Coleman (September 1954 – February 2015), and Rev. Scott Quinn (March 2015 – Present).

God continues to work mightily through His people at Travelers Rest and we’re excited about His future plans for us!